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Hey everyone how do I save a GIF so it plays like it should on my posts? 

It’s been a while… I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting…

Tumblr.. I am back at it on Tumblr. I missed you. 

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My holiday card for all of you! Sorry… on a budget this year. Happy Holidays & I love you all.

My holiday card for all of you! Sorry… on a budget this year. Happy Holidays & I love you all.

"I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers."
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Journal Reading Week 1

The reading about the women gambling was very interesting. I have not read much about Canada so it was interesting to see a different perspective. Especially one being an Asian woman in Canada doing a study on women who gamble. It was great getting a different perspective because many times I feel like the researchers are white males. Me not being a white male, I tend to like reading perspectives I do not know much about. The part that stuck to me the most was, even if people do participate in a study, do they tell all of the truth? Especially a touchy subject like the addiction to gambling. Many of the women said that even if they were addicted to gambling, they would never admit it.

The cultural aspect that stuck out to me were the asian women that said they would not say much to the researcher because he came from a similar background like them. When I read that part I started to think a lot about the project we will be working on this semester when we research a subculture on campus. Would people be truthful? Would they tell me everything I wanted to know? Would they sugar coat things? Then I started thinking of the subgroups I was thinking of working with. Like the two asian women in the study, what if I wanted to work with a group that I had a similar background with? Would they make sure to tell me the truth or walk around it? These were the questions I had when I was thinking of this particular article.

The article with the woman who had cancer also made me think a lot. This was because like the writer mentioned, there are many times when you are told that your own stories do not matter much when you are doing research. I loved that Ellis begged to differ with this theory. She gave the student the freedom to tell her own story and from there she really could learn more about herself and her research. This made me think of the stories we were writing about ourselves. I loved writing my vignette about my college friends because it took me back. It helped me learn about the groups I am now working with and I could see the similarities. It was great to see the corollations with my undergrad and now grad life. 

The videos were great not just because they were from KU but because they were real and I could relate to the struggle they talked about. What was interesting was that I could see myself in a lot of these students. I have the problems that they have and I do not have an answer or see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am always scared of the future. The videos touched on media a lot as well. I am always on my phone. Just all the time and I am addicted. There is always a social media I am on or something in pop culture I can relate something back to. I do not watch tv anymore. I watch Vine videos. I tweet during award shows like a mad man. It is just who I am and I like to communicate with my vast social networks. Just a part of who I am at this time in my life. 

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#Haircuts are my favorite.

#Haircuts are my favorite.

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#Murica fridge at #thetachi

#Murica fridge at #thetachi

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Happy Birthday to my best friend @Roobeyroo. You’ve always been there for me & I can’t wait to see you again!

Happy Birthday to my best friend @Roobeyroo. You’ve always been there for me & I can’t wait to see you again!

The Greek Organizations I’ll be working w. this fall! #ballstateuniversity #2weeks

The Greek Organizations I’ll be working w. this fall! #ballstateuniversity #2weeks

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Playing #Loteria #MexicanBingo w. my fam from #Mexico!

Playing #Loteria #MexicanBingo w. my fam from #Mexico!

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after i start to really like a thing



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What a beautiful wedding!

This is so freakin’ gorgeous.


Wow stunned right now :D